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Michigan Wheel

Michigan is based in the state Michigan in the United States of America.

Michigan Wheel Marine has one goal — to produce the finest propellers possible, while maintaining the highest standards of quality.

Michigan Wheel has dedicated itself to that mission since its founding in 1903. With over 100 years of experience as the marine propulsion industry leader, Michigan Wheel continues to make the custom-crafted propeller you buy off the shelf. The unmatched performance and the wide variety of styles and types in Michigan propellers offer boaters a single source for propellers that are custom made for every kind of pleasure craft in the water. Propellers ranging from the marine inboard and industrial fixed pitch propellers, from 3" through 96" diameters — suited for pleasure and commercial markets, all the way to a complete line of aluminum and stainless steel replacement propellers for Outboard and Sterndrive applications. Whatever your particular demands, Michigan Wheel can fit you with the right, hand-crafted propeller.

Michigan Wheel's philosophy of applying both machine and hand operations — each in the areas where it excels — has made Michigan propellers the standard by which the industry judges excellence. Such manufacturing integrity means that, in the future as in the past, you can depend upon Michigan Wheel - where breakthroughs in propeller technology begin.